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Student Council

A new StuCo banner to replace the old one.

2023 Officers:

President: Dax McReynolds

Vice President: Hadley Taylor

Secretary: Janie Rempel

Treasurer: Cooper Rodkey

Historian: Paige Seaton

Class Reps:

Alaira Widener (7th)

Elaina Kelly-Lujan (7th)

Adrian Reeves (8th)

Ely Bridwell (8th)

Jada McGowan (Fr)

Carleigh Steers (Fr)

Yeshua Kelly-Lujan (Fr)

Kenyon Griffin (So)

Alan Innis (So)

Kamryn Ott (So)

Hadley Taylor (Jr)

Dax McReynolds (Jr)

Pacey McIntyre (Jr)

Anna Lancaster (Sr)

Janie Remple (Sr)

Paige Seaton (Sr)

Cooper Rodkey (Sr)

Adviser: Mr. Kolby White & Mrs. Tatum Radcliff


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