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L17 Spelling

L17 Vocabulary

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Animal Classification

Week of December 4

Vocabulary L12


  1. Rebellious adj. acting against authorities; disobedient
  2. Objected v. expressed an opinion against something
  3. Benefit n. something helpful and useful
  4. Repeal v. to formally cancel something
  5. Contrary adj. goes against the majority; stubborn
  6. Midst n. in the middle
  7. Temporary adj. only meant for short-term or short time
  8. Advantages n. skills or situations that favor you
  9. Previously adv. Before something else
  10. Prohibit v. to ban or forbid something

Spelling L12

Human         exact            award                 behave                credit

Basic            vivid             evil                      modern              nation

Robot           panic            select                  cousin                 item

Police           prefer          menu                  novel                  deserve

Autumn       nuisance             logic             column               laser



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Science Body Systems

Watch  and write down vocabulary terms and definitions

Watch  write down the vocabulary terms and definitions




Science: Cells

(Interactive video )

We drew a picture of the cell from the first slide and labeled the 3 parts. We took notes on the vocabulary words. Then we just watched the rest of the lesson.


Writing Prompt

Studies Wkly

CNN 10

Math Exponents


It's all about the base)


L10 Journeys Vocab p. 290

Notebook p. 116-117



(Interactive video )

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